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瑞丰赌场As the national seed company and the only central government owned enterprise that takes crop seed operation, including breeding, production and sale, as the major business, we keep intensifying our core competitiveness throughout the industrial chain by implementing a development strategy integrating R&D, production, and sales.

Over 30 years, China National Seed Group Corporation under Sinochem Group (China Seed for short) has developed into a large seed group with a complete industry chain, a company that integrates research, production, processing, marketing and technical support. The company focuses mainly on the business of seeds like corn, rice, vegetables, with its scale of operation leading the way in China. Furthermore, the company has gained the title of “Grade-AAAc Credit Enterprise” from Dagong Global Credit Rating, and “Grade-AAA” rating from China National Seed Association, a sign of full recognition of its industrial position and competitiveness.

China Seed has completed strategic investment in 13 companies in the industry.

In terms of technical innovation, we keeps breaking through in its capacity of technical innovation. China Seed Life Science and Technology Center, now under construction in Wuhan, constitutes the largest investment to seed companies in China to date, in the hope of establishing an international standard seed-breeding platform with high-tech, high flux, assembly line and industrialized production by integrating the latest materials both at home and abroad in the fields of conventional seed breeding and agricultural technologies like genomics and molecular biology. In addition, we has become supporting institution of Ministry of Agriculture’s Key Laboratory for Genetic Seed Breeding of Crops like Corn and Rice, thus making it the only enterprise to simultaneously conduct the research into rice and corn.

瑞丰赌场We continue to deepen the strategic cooperation with seed research institutes and academic circle. We have established profound strategic partnership with the famous research institutes and education units in the major ecological areas of China. In addition, two key projects that we took the lead under the national technology development plan under the  “11th Five-year Plan” of China, as well as the high-tech commercialization demonstration project we led under the NDRC scheme have passed the authority examination. The national technology development projects under the “12th Five-year Plan” that we are leading and would be carried out by the Strategic Alliance of the Crop Seed Technology Innovation have been kicked off.

In terms of production and processing, we have set up manufacturing bases in China’s five agricultural zones in Northwest, Southwest, South of China, as well as areas along the riverside of Yellow and Huai rivers, and Yangtze River. Currently, we have in total 40,000 hectares of production base, taking into account both the companies we control or participate. We produce nearly 250 million kilograms of quality seeds per year, and own 15 modern and internationally-advanced seed production & storage centres, with our production and processing capacity enhanced year by year.

In terms of sales and service, we have rolled out 22 provincial level sales and service centers across China. Meanwhile, we have cooperated with the agricultural technology authorities to conduct testing demonstration and agricultural technology service. We set up 25 high-yield demonstration fields and plots, with over 600 onsite meetings held annually.